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CPI Tips:

Watching AD to Game Install Funnel

Keep contrast between key game elements

Gameplay clarity, natural speed, and different gameplay scenarios

Gameplay rhythm in the game matters

Clear game mechanics + Catchy Art + Strong emotions

Player character in Playable zone

Think out of the box

Multiple Camera Angles

Different themes

Mix and Match components


  • Each failed prototype is a step towards the Hit game.

  • Programming/Thinking balance.

  • Benchmark / Brainstorm.

  • Finding the toy.

  • Curvy Punch: 11 cents

  • Find the mix of Relatable, New, and Proven.

    • Canvas Run: Snake(Relatable) & New(Snake width) & Count Master (Proven)

    • Blob Merge: Jelly(New) + Blob Merge(Relatable + Proven)

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