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HC new comers resources

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Voodoo Live Sessions

Alexander Shea : Publishing Hyper-Casual Games In 2022

Raketspel : How To Increase Engagement In Hyper-Casual Games

SuperSonic Super Sessions

3Cs in Hypercasual - Controls & Depth Potential by Samy Guillemin (Ketchapp)

Voodoo Summer Game Competition - Kick-Off Webinar

[skip to genres, rule, control/camera, mechanics, features, theme & toy discussion]

Nicher, Deeper, Steadier by Samy Guillemin (Ketchapp)

How to Launch a Hit Hyper Casual Game in Less than 2 Weeks

Sum up of the markets main pillars by Samy Guillemin (Ketchapp)

The jury's evaluation criteria

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