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Retention Tips:

Garding levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, etc

Change difficulty based on user performance

  • Adaptive difficulty. [from Candy Crush]

    • Based on player skill.

    • Not visible to the player

    • Challenging without Blockers

Spend time on Level Desing: [has potential and levels]

  • Spend time on level design. [If you don't love your game players won't eaither]

  • Make sure you have enough content.

  • Mesure everything. Progress of like 100 levels to understand when to introduce new things.

  • Ex: Dig This has 4700 levels. After 1 year, core users also made content.

Adding meta [after launch]

  • Building city with money earned

  • Very time-consuming.

  • Viable when you have a more user base. In Castle Raid had 3% - 5%.

Consider Gamers as well [after launch]

  • In general focus on everyone to have maximum impact. But, sometimes gamers spend more time money on your game. So don't ignore them.

  • Ex: Create multiple play modes: to attract hardcore users and not ignore casual players. Lots of money was spent on these games.

Push notification [after launch]


  • Adding generic won't help you.

  • Implement reasonably. Ex: after clearing all levels ask for permission to notify when there are new levels. or in Candy Crush (new lives, spinner, boosters etc)

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