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Unity Free Assets compilation for Hyper Casual Games

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

In this post I will keep track of interesting assets that can be used for hyper casual games. This is for my own reference and to help other developers as well.

Another assets compilation for hyper casual games:



Lilita One Regular: [Note: outline variation looks cool too]

Implementing erase mechanic like in Sand Balls / Dig This

Clipper Library:

Unity Destructible Terrain:

From description:

The unity package below contains the source code:

Package with new approach ( I have not implemented attaching colliders yet) : https://

Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG)

Used to perform boolean operations like - Union, Subtract, Intersect

Bézier Path Creator

This is free asset developed by Sebastian Lague. Here are the details:

Taking Screenshots in Unity for different profiles

Detecting Drawings


TouchKit aims to make touch handling in Unity more sane.

Free Ball Textures


Replace Selected

Hey Area Object Spawner


Few assets by Roystan


Animation Instancing


Carnegie Mellon University - CMU Graphics Lab - motion capture library

Free Models

Polygone Art

Mesh Slicing

Mulligan Renamer

The Mulligan Renamer tool for Unity allows for quick and safe renaming of many assets or GameObjects all at once.

Hypercasual Character

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