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Unity: iOS build errors compilation

Updated: Mar 6

Missing RegisterMonoModule.h

With Unity 2019.3 or above if you use Facebook SDK you will get this error Missing RegisterMonoModule.h while building in XCode.

To fix this you can use this -

Exception: Calling TargetGuidByName with name='Unity-iPhone' is deprecated.

In my case, I am using Unity 2019.4.17f1 and integrating MoPub for monetization. Then, I see this error when I try to build for iOS.

To fix this have to use GetUnityMainTargetGuid instead of TargetGuidByName.

So replace following

var target = project.TargetGuidByName("Unity-iPhone");


var target =
	#if UNITY_2019_3_OR_NEWER    


'MoPub.h' file not found

When I integrated MoPub's Facebook Audience Network(FAN) mediation network, I saw this error. This is because FAN uses use_frameworks! and iOS won't build with use_frameworks! in Podfile.


  1. Remove <iosPod name="MoPub-SDK-Plugin" minTargetSdk="10.0" path="Assets/MoPub/Plugins/iOS"/> from Assets/MoPub/Scripts/Editor/MoPubDependencies.xml

  2. Delete Assets/MoPub/Plugins/iOS/MoPub-SDK-Plugin.podspec

  3. Check iOS as platform for plugin for all files inside Assets/MoPub/Plugins/iOS


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